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Hearts of Gold

The Love of Golden Retrievers

For Those Who Love Golden Retrievers
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Hey people and pups,

This is your mod jaser here. I'm just here to tell you a few basic things about our community and how you can get yourself involved. The focus of our little community here is simple. We love Goldens. We are a forum for people to meet and discuss the love of our pets.

This is a great place to ask any and all questions you may have about your pet. Is your Golden acting funny lately? Just ask about it here. All of us have gone through different experiences with our pets and we may be able to shed some light on what's going on.

Thinking about getting your own Golden? We're a great resource on what you'll need to do to get ready for this new part of your family. And trust us... you've got a lot in store for you.

I try not to keep this community on a short leash and just let people have fun but as with all communities there are a few rules that we all have to follow (So please just read these. For my sake.) It's nothing big. Promise.

  • Please don't try to sell/adopt your puppies here. I feel responsible for what goes on here and I don't know where these puppies come from. Although I'd love to see each and everyone of them go to a loving family there are better ways to do it than an internet community post.
  • Avoid advertisting websites here. If you see a post that on the community in which a site may be relevant then please feel free to suggest going there but don't just slap a site on the front of our community. There are better places to do this.
  • Just as a general rule we love the pictures of your puppy but please use a LiveJournal cut. It will cut down load time and many people have custom friends pages and it will set their layout off.

  • Be nice to one another. It's simple. You all learned this in grade school.

  • This is a community for Golden Retrievers. You may post a picture of any other kind of dog in your post every once and awhile or... yes you can even post your cat if you must but please stay on topic.

  • Last but not least just have fun with it. That's why we're here afterall.

For people looking to get involved and don't know what to say... here's something that might help you along. Feel free to add on or take a few things out as you go. This is just a general thing to help you get acquainted with our community.


Number of pets:

Names of pets:

Pets favorite activities:

Pets favorite food:

Show us a picture:


So there are you a few basic things to get you started. If you have any questions leave me a message.